Certifications and Accreditatios

ISO 1513: Examination and preparation of samples for test.

ISO 2813: Brightness.

ISO 7724-3: Colour differences.

ISO 2409: Adhesion. Cuts by grating.

ISO 6272-1: Impact.

ISO 6860/1519: Flexibility, Conical mandril or cylindrical mandril.

ISO 2812-2: Resistance to the water immersion (14 days), with final evaluation of the blistering, adhesion and resistance .

ISO 2812-1: Resistance to the hydraulic fluids (30 days), with final evaluation of blistering, resistance & defects from incision.

ISO 3665: Filiform corrosion resistance (1000 h), on two substrates.

ISO 7253: Resistance to saline fog (3000 h), on two substrates.

AMS3095A Stability to heat (100 h, to 150º C) and evaluation flexibility.

NF P 92.501/95 2: Reaction to fire.

NF X 10-702-1986 3: Opacity & smoke.

NFF16-101-1988: Toxicity.